Hey there,

My name is Iver Marjerison, and I am a high-energy professional public speaker and educator, currently residing just outside of Denver, Colorado. I have all qualifications (Ordained Christian Minister) to legally marry couples in Colorado–or any nearby state, and have all the experience and knowledge necessary to make your wedding a success.

I am in my late-twenties, quite active, and am comfortable with both traditional and contemporary weddings of any size… from elopements in a small park, to all your friends and family in a sanctuary.

I’m also open to unique adventure style ceremonies. From the top of a mountain, to the penguin section at the Denver zoo… I’d love to brainstorm creative opportunities for your ceremony.

Most importantly though, I am extremely flexible (this is about you!) I can adjust in anyway to make your special day perfect.

I really only do this job for two simple reasons: I think couples should be able to get married however/whenever they way want, without breaking their wallets… and because I have fun doing it!

I’m passionate about making your special day extra special, shoot me an email and we can talk via phone or meet for a cup of coffee.

Marjerison @ Gmail.com

I am non-denominational, and willing to adjust to any sort of religious stance.

Rates are simple… $100 + associated expenses.